Zhongyuan Metrocopo tile roll forming machine with SONCAP certificate to buyer on July 18,2018

Time: 2018-07-08

Sent Metrocopo tile roll forming Machine in Zhongyuan factory:

Forming system of Zhongyuan Metrocopo tile roll forming Machine 

Production of Metrocopo tile roll forming Machine:

Zhongyuan Metrocopo tile Roll Forming Machine’s advantages

1. Production speed:6m per minute . User can get 2880m per day(one shift working 8 hours).

2. Anti-rust roller: CNC machine tooled, Plated with 0.05mm hard chrome .

3. Heat treatment:Heat treatment for cutting frame to remove the steel stress, to avoid deformation.

4. Cutter blade:Cr12mov mould steel with quenched treatment, long life time.

5. High precision processing;shafts for rollers are tooled by grinding machine at least twice.Rollers are CNC processed to ensure precision performance.

6. People originate:introduced Mitsubishi PLC with touch screen. Friendly man-machine interaction.

7. Excellent services:Technician can be sent to your factory to install the machine and train your workers. Lifetime services for our machines.

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