2016 eighteenth India international metal forming and Machine Tool Exhibition (IMTEX FORMING 2016)

Time: 2016-01-21
Summary: Date of the exhibition: 21-26 January 2016 Exhibition Center: Bangalore International Exhibition Center Exhibition cycle: two years (cutting and forming a single biennial circulation exhibition) Organizer: India machine tool maker Association

India international metal forming and machine tool exhibition is the largest metal forming exhibition in South Asia and Southeast Asia. The exhibition, sponsored by the India Machine Tool Manufacturers Association (IMTMA), has been more than 40 years old. It is the largest international exhibition of international exhibition industry with the largest machine tool tool in India. Since 2009, the exhibition is divided into two major themes, IMTEX METALCUTTING and IMTEX FORMING. They are separately exhibited in the same year, and are all held in the same period with the India international industrial exhibition. In 2016, it will be carried out in the form of the theme of class Canada roalon. In the last exhibition, there were more than 1000 brands from 440 enterprises from 24 countries, with a total area of 30000 square meters. The 6 day exhibition attracted more than 39000 people from China, Germany, Australia, Canada, France and other 21 countries and regions.

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